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 Women United... Leading the Way

The power of Women in Philanthropy is undeniable. Women are making a lasting difference in communities across the country by supporting numerous nonprofits and causes dear to them. Studies show that even though women, in general, earn less than men, have less money in retirement, and outlive their spouses, they are more likely to give and give more to charity than men.

Philanthropy is a very personal experience, and engaging with an organization directly is a great way to utilize the expertise of women from a variety of backgrounds. At United Way of the Midlands, we empower women to make a difference through the Women’s Leadership Council. This group of highly dedicated women work to increase awareness around causes central to our community. Their members are dedicated to creating lasting change, and are hands on in their commitment toward building a better future for youth and families in the metro.


The mission of the WLC is to inspire, celebrate, educate and engage women in philanthropy and service related to their investment in the work of United Way of the Midlands.


United Way of the Midlands Women’s Leadership Council will positively impact lives in our community.

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  • WLC Initiative Work

    The Women's Leadership Council is proud to harness the giving power of our generous donors, directing additional funds raised from members and our supporters to key initiatives that do important work in the Omaha metro area. Our current initiative is Book Trust, committed to providing kids at local schools with a personal library of books they can take home to alleviate learning loss. Our past initiative, Train to Gain For Student Success, provides funding to training programs for after-school program service providers.

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  • What is the WLC?

    The Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) is a powerful network of caring women who invest their time, talent and resources to explore and address critical issues facing the Omaha-Bellevue-Council Bluffs metropolitan area.

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  • Women's Leadership Council FAQs

    Are you a woman leadership giver interested in becoming a part of the Women's Leadership Council?  Read more about how the Council operates and how to get involved.

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  • 2016-2017 WLC Steering Committee

    This group of dedicated women are leading the way for local women's involvement in the WLC, ensuring that members have meaningful opportunities to learn about the needs in our community and to make a lasting impact on future generations.

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  • insideWLC Newsletter

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  • Mary C. Lopez Lunch & Learn Series

    Members of the Women's Leadership Council have a variety of interests and passions regarding the Omaha community.  As a city, there are issues we need to address and our Lunch and Learn discussions seeks to inform members on what we're facing as a community and how we can work to overcome those issues through collaboration, teamwork and dedication to change.

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  • Book Trust

    Book Trust is focused on improving grade-level reading rates in our community, with high rates of poverty. 

    69% of students in the Omaha Public School district are proficient readers in third grade; the rate is 65% for Council Bluffs third graders. The chances a child will drop out of high school are four times higher if they do not read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade. And it’s even more likely if that child lives in poverty for at least one year.  One of the greatest barriers to reading at grade level is having ready access to reading materials. 

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  • Past Funding Initiative: Train to Gain for Student Success

    The Women's Leadership Council adopted an initiative geared toward funding staff development for out-of-school-time (OST) programs. The goal of this initiative is to strengthen children’s learning experiences provided during OST programs and assure that OST staff help prepare children to succeed in the classroom.

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