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United Way of the Midlands has a rich history in the Omaha metro area. We've been here through times of prosperity and economic downfall, and have helped ensure that health and human service programs were able to serve those in need at all times. For more than 90 years, we've worked alongside community leaders, volunteers and companies, and have grown to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our society. Our community is a strong one and we have been dedicated to making lasting change yesterday, today, and well into the future.

  • The Early Years: 1923-1943

    United Way of the Midlands began in a very different time. Calvin Coolidge had just become President of the United States and the country was 5 years out of World War I. It was in 1923 that local citizens and community leaders banded together to create United Way of the Midlands' prototype, The Community Chest.

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  • A Time of Growth: 1943-1963

    Throughout the second World War, the Community Chest continued to see an outpouring of community support. We continually exceeded our campaign goals during and directly after the War, proving how strong the Omaha community can be in times of need.

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  • A New Name: 1963-1993

    In 1975, we became United Way of the Midlands. United Way's across the nation were continuing to grow, reaching most communities. Here in Omaha, we focused on connecting the metro area under one United Way. In 1981, we combined forces with the United Way of Council Bluffs, ensuring that the whole metro benefited from United Way donor funding.

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  • United Way Today: 1993-Present

    Throughout the 90's, 2000's and today, United Way of the Midlands has remained an important part of the Omaha-Council Bluffs-Bellevue metro area. Since World War II, donors have given over $548 million to United Way of the Midlands, giving families, children and seniors the assistance they've needed for over 90 years. We're proud to be a part of such a thriving community and we've enjoyed growing alongside it.

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