Citizen of the Year Award

The "Citizen of the Year" Award is granted to a citizen(s) of the Greater Omaha community for his or her efforts in the United Way and other volunteer endeavors dedicated to the present and future social well being of the community.

VIDEO FEATURE - 2016 Citizens of the Year, Steve Martin and Dr. Amy Haddad


United Way Citizens of the Year

2016 Steve Martin and Amy Haddad
2015 Gary and Kathy Gates
2014 Susie Buffett
2013 Mike and Nancy McCarthy
2012 Mike and Gail Yanney
2011 Dan Neary
2010 Richard Holland
2009 Bob and Judy Bates
2008 William and Barbara Fitzgerald
2007 Howard L. and Rhonda A. Hawks
2006 Mogens and Cindy Bay
2005 Terry Moore
2004 Ken Stinson
2003 Charles W. Durham
2002 John Nelson
2001 Suzanne Scott
2000 John Gottschalk
1999 John G. Bookout
1998 Sharon Marvin Griffin
1997 Milton Abrahams
1996 Roy Smith
1995 Richard K. Davidson
1994 Marian Andersen
1993 Walter Scott, Jr.
1992 Thomas R. Burke
1991 Charles M. Harper
1990 Margre H. Durham
1989 Donald A. Tollefson
1988 Helen Cherniak
1987 Harold W. Andersen
1986 Jack R. Childs
1985 R. Jerry Hargitt
1984 Del D. Weber
1983 Eugene A. Conley
1982 Willis Strauss
1981 V.J. Skutt
1980 Ben R. Morris
1979 Leo A. Daly
1978 J.D. Anderson
1977 Morris F. Miller
1976 Jack L. Wilkins
1975 Charles D. Peebler
1974 James O. Bosworth
1973 Kermit Hansen
1972 Louis E. Lipp